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Here in Tucson, hard water is so common we’ve almost grown used to the symptoms around our homes. You may not even be aware of how severely your home is being affected by hard water, but we’ve got the answer! Take a look at the symptoms below to understand if your home is suffering from hard water. The lower your score, the more reason to give us a call!

colorful scale 10-40 showing water hardness severity

Extremely — Very Hard Water

  • There’s a noticeable white, crusty residue on fixtures and appliances.
  • You have dry hair and itchy skin following showers or hand washing.
  • There is a rapid buildup of soap scum in the shower.
  • You experience regular clogging of pipes from hard water deposits.
  • Your clothes and linens turn stiff and lackluster, feeling abrasive.
  • Spotty, cloudy marks appear on dishes and glassware after washing.
colorful scale 50-80 showing moderate water hardness

Moderately Hard Water

  • You’re using more soap than normal for cleaning and washing, but it’s not lathering properly.
  • Scale rings are visible in your bathtub and around some faucets.
  • Your sink clogs more frequently than it used to.
  • There’s an increased need for lotion due to dry skin after showering.
  • Certain clothes consistently feel rough after being laundered.
colorful scale 90-100 showing soft water

Soft Water

  • All your glassware comes out pristine and streak-free after washing.
  • Your devices function seamlessly without any mineral deposits on fixtures.
  • Water leaves your skin and hair supple and well-hydrated.
  • Pipes stay clear of any mineral accumulation, preventing any severe clogs.
orange and red water hardness map of Arizona with a black star on Tucson

Hard Water In Tucson, AZ

So what happens if you have noticed some of the above symptoms in your home? This is a great indicator that your water is hard. Tucson’s average water hardness is around 13 gpg (Grains per Gallon), which is about twice the threshold for hard water!

It’s time to turn that score of 30 or 40 into a 100! Water softening solutions from AquaZona can fix the problem in no time. Our water softeners remove those irritating minerals and leave your water purer. Give our team in Tucson a call so that we can recommend the best system for your situation. You’ll be enjoying the scale-free, clear-glass life of your dreams.

Join all the satisfied Tucson homeowners who live life softly today!

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