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AquaZona Proudly Serving Arizona

AquaZona’s Commitment To Clean Water

AquaZona proudly serves Tucson and its surrounding areas, providing top-quality water filters, softeners and treatment solutions. Established in 1987, our team stands as a testament to the transformative impact of clean, fresh water for local homes — particularly in our arid part of the country!

As a certified Kinetico dealer, we wholeheartedly stand by the excellence of the products we offer. When you choose services from our team, rest assured that you’ll experience best-tasting, cleaner water right in the comfort of your home.

Kinetico products boast a remarkable ability to remove up to 99 percent of contaminants from your water supply. With proven results and reliable solutions, it’s no surprise that Kinetico has become the preferred choice in our region.

Innovation And Whole-Home Solutions

At AquaZona, our commitment is exemplified through our partnership with Kinetico. With cutting-edge, non-electric water treatment systems, we prioritize sustainability and efficiency.

Kinetico’s patented kinetic energy technology powers water softeners and purifiers, ensuring low-maintenance operation without electricity. From superior contaminant removal to appliance protection, our solutions address every aspect of water quality.

Embrace a new era in water treatment with AquaZona and experience the transformative benefits of forward-thinking technology for cleaner, purer and more sustainable water in your entire home.

Experience AquaZona: Transforming Water, Transforming Lives

Choose AquaZona for the best in water treatment — where cutting-edge technology makes a profound impact on your home and well-being. From softening solutions to whole-home filters, there’s no reason to wait. Turn to the team more Tucson residents depend on. Turn to AquaZona.

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