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Common Water Problems

Heavy Metals

Get rid of heavy metals in favor of light, clean water!

Promoting Clean Drinking Water In Tucson

Heavy Metal Filtration Solutions

Water travels a long way before it reaches your taps for drinking, cooking and cleansing. Heavy metals accumulate natutrally during this process, and can remain present in your home, putting your comfort and health at risk. AquaZona understands this concern, offering reliable water filtration solutions to meet hydration needs.

Our Tucson location, serving the community since 1987, stands as a trusted choice for homes. By addressing heavy metal contaminants in your drinking water, AquaZona prioritizes your health and well-being.

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Common Heavy Metals In Tucson

In Tucson, AquaZona has been a beacon for reliable home water filtration for decades. With a commitment to providing clean drinking water, we understand the significance of reducing heavy metals in your water supply.

Our tailored filtration systems ensure your home meets high-quality water standards, promoting the health and safety of Tucson residents. AquaZona remains dedicated to delivering efficient and effective water filtration solutions for every household in Tucson.

Eliminate common heavy metals in your business or home with help from our team.

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Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium, and Chromium can be found in your neighborhood’s water. Find out how to reclaim your peace of mind today!
What’s Your Water Score


One of the primary culprits behind lead contamination in drinking water is corroding plumbing materials. Lead pipes, commonly found in older homes constructed before 1985, pose a significant risk. Despite being colorless, tasteless and odorless, lead can seep into the water supply, making regular testing essential. This issue is especially relevant for households relying on private wells for their drinking water.


Arsenic, a naturally occurring element in the Earth’s crust, can contaminate drinking water through geological processes. Groundwater, especially in areas with elevated levels of arsenic in the soil, is susceptible to this contamination. To ensure the safety of drinking water, robust filtration methods are necessary, particularly in regions prone to arsenic contamination.


Industrial activities such as mining, manufacturing and coal combustion contribute to mercury contamination in water bodies. Inorganic mercury undergoes transformation into methylmercury, a highly toxic compound that accumulates in aquatic organisms.
Consumption of contaminated water, particularly through fish consumption, poses significant health risks. Effective filtration systems are imperative to mitigate mercury exposure and safeguard human health.


Cadmium, commonly found in industrial discharge and fertilizers, can seep into groundwater, contaminating water supplies. Exposure to cadmium poses severe health risks, including kidney damage, bone disorders, and cancer.


Water contamination by chromium often stems from industrial processes and improper waste disposal. Hexavalent chromium, a particularly toxic form, can leach into groundwater, posing significant health risks even at low concentrations. The implementation of effective filtration systems is crucial to remove chromium contaminants and maintain the safety of drinking water in communities exposed to industrial pollutants.

Proven Filtration Results With AquaZona

AquaZona relies on Kinetico’s advanced filtration technology to deliver exceptional water quality to Tucson residents. From filters to drinking water stations, we have the best solution for your home. Kinetico products are well-renowned for being the most effective and powerful water filtration systems!

Whole Home Filtration Systems

Kinetico filters — renowned for their efficiency — remove a wide range of contaminants, ensuring your water is clean, pure and safe. We carry a wide range of filters to target specific water-borne contaminants. Reach out to our team to find the perfect system for your home.

Drinking Water Systems

Our K5 Drinking System goes a step further than traditional filters by achieving third-party certification. This guarantees the removal of 99% of bacteria, viruses and persistent organic chemicals. Trust AquaZona for water filtration solutions that provide peace of mind and the best-tasting water for your household.

No Water Troubles In Tucson

At AquaZona, we’re committed to ensuring Tucson residents enjoy the purest and cleanest drinking water. Our cutting-edge water filtration solutions — including Kinetico filters and the K5 Drinking System — stand as a testament to our dedication to water quality.

Say goodbye to water concerns in Tucson by choosing AquaZona – your trusted partner for reliable, efficient and proven water filtration results. Contact us today to experience the AquaZona difference and elevate your drinking water quality.

Your journey to pristine water begins with a simple click or call.

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