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AquaZona Is Your Trusted Kinetico Dealer In Tucson!

Banish hard water and bad taste with solutions from our team. We’re here with proven water softeners, filtration systems and Kinetico drinking water stations. 


Achieve pristine water right from your Tucson tap with products and services from AquaZona. Reach out to get started!

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Salt-Free Water Softening Solutions

Top-Quality Kinetico Products

With non-electric systems and salt-free options, there’s no better brand for your home than Kinetico. AquaZona is a certified Kinetico dealer, driven to provide your Tucson home with dependable solutions. 


Achieve soft water or delicious drinking water with help from our team. Our filtration solutions are comprehensive, banishing contaminants from your tap. Kinetico softeners eliminate hard minerals to deliver softer, purer water.


No matter what you need for your household, AquaZona is here to achieve it!



We offer a range of water treatment options, including filters and water drinking stations.


We use cutting-edge, non-electronic technology for water softening solutions.


We provide transparent and dependable services, ensuring customer confidence.

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Kinetico Water Systems

Whether you’re dealing with hard mineral buildup, bad taste in your water or are looking for a commercial water filtration system, AquaZona is here for you.


We have the products and services you need to achieve the highest water quality in Tucson. Get started today!

Tucson Testimonials

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The water system we purchased was the best investment. We got the full package with the drinking system and the water from the filters is great. No need to buy bottled water! It tastes so good and refreshing! So happy with this system. No more bottled water for me. Buy Kinetico, you won’t regret it!
Corey B.
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I am very grateful for the new system from Kinetico, but even more pleased by the professional staff they have representing the company, from the sales advisor to the technicians. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a water softener system or water filtration.
Joseph M.
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The system itself works beautifully and the difference in water quality is huge! The warranty gives us peace of mind. Water and ice taste delicious and the water helps reduce soap usage. I have curly hair and it is hard to manage! But this treated water has helped my hair tremendously!
Selma R.

Top-Quality Water Systems In Tucson

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